Open letter to SuperMechs / tacticsoft / Mr. Michael R.!


oops I didn’t expect it to be that long


They are.

But not these developers.


It was a rhetorical question but thanks for pointing it out to the people who might not get it. :smiley:


All questions (to these dev) are rhetorical :slight_smile:

rhetorical question - one that does not require an answer.


Well, they usually arent meant to be but thats how they are treated


Came back to see how this thread is doing. Welp. Did try out this new SuperMechs meta, and I’m impossibly stuck getting new items because of the old items that became inventory-filling power kits. Looks like it’s back to checking in a few more months.

I still see a “few” faces that have voiced out their frustrations here on the new SuperMechs meta, biting on that power creep fish hook. What hypocrites.


I’ve known this game from 2014 and i can see that this game has somewhat turned into a grindfest, but i have to say, the devs do need some money flowing in from this game.


the point is that I’ll be glad to give my money to a good company. But what’s a good team of developers?

I think that we should know the chances to get legendary item in premium packs.
I really can not tolerate the fact that you spend 200dolars and obtain only shit epic.

There’s one good term that synthesize this way of doing things but I wont write it. I could be banned.


Well, there is not a single one company that can be counted on in such a way.
For that reason all companies have those “As-Is” clauses in their ToS.

That is also why this open letter will forever be simply ignored by TacticSoft.

In case someone has not read the ToS of TacticSoft about liability, here is that part:

11.7 Liability: For no case and for no reason shall Tacticsoft be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, consequential, exemplary, physical or special, to You, any User or any 3 rd party due to its lack of performance of duties herein. Tacticsoft supplies Services on an AS-IS basis and shall not be held liable, to the extent permitted by law, by any case of misconduct, negligence, gross negligence, malice or any other mean, to any damages or loss of property, including damages to: virtual property, reputation and business reputation, User Account information including login information, loss of profit, loss of good name, all resulting from the use of, or inability to use, Services or services rendered by Tacticsoft.

So for game content that means:
TacticSoft can change all game content (‘virtual property’) at will and have no responsibility to any disadvantage or damage that this change causes any player.

And unfortunately that kind of text is in really EVERY company’s ToS from ‘free’ online games.


after all, Respect is the only word that people who want to be rich do not know


i agree that we should be able to see the chances so that we actually know what “special chance” means because i don’t know if that means increased chance or there is a chance


Take a look to this game for example

It’s just a messe ger/fb game…


I agree with this a bit, but i feel like too many people are asking the devs to literally spoon feed them with mythical items i think the whole transform system flavors actual progression rather than lucky box openings


While the ToS has this clause, it is damaging to the company reputation to reset player progress on a whim. Even if the ToS says that they cannot be held liable for reputation damage, current and future customers would be discouraged to play if they read this forum. I guess the shorthand name for this is “bad business.”

The smart idea for the devs is to delete the forum altogether. Chances are the “Suggestions/Ideas” subforum hasn’t been visited by any of the staff yet (or at least in a long time).


As long as people pay and play they won’t do a thing. I moved on. I choose to continue playing but find it very monotonous. The mechs are closer matched but overall I just don’t have the same enthusiasm knowing basically I have been ripped off . There was alerted post of Sarah saying BD was more important to tacticsoft. Not sure if it was real but it opened my eyes. It’s our choice to continue or quit. I have too much invested to quit but play 60 matches a week? Lol that would never keep you in a top clan in the old sm. Now it keeps me around 20th ranked player.



So true …

Seeing it from distance like you did very good now, I think the main problem was / is …

that Michael R.'s “baby” is BattleDawn, and so his “new” project is BattleDawn: Earth Arena :exclamation:

And so - like in so so so many ways of life / world, the bosses (the ones with a lot of money) say in which direction it goes :grey_exclamation:

Therefor SuperMechs was / is a little bit “unlucky” being in that spot.

If it would have been the other way around, SuperMechs could have been a really great game, growing unbelievable fast and becomeing one of the top games.

It HAD the potential.

The FREEDOM it had, when we were able to build whatever we wanted, when we could play in every category we wanted … was so so so so great. But unfortunatly many of this good things - FOR us players - got deleted …

  • items shop

  • items categories

  • match making categories

  • clan fights, which were very interesting, cos top 3 changed a lot
    (the huge increasing from members destroyed that)


Please lets discuss exactly about that … maybe we have a very little % chance that @michael read this and MAYBE change his mind.

He will latest when he see that BattleDawn Earth Arena, brings less money, then SuperMechs :exclamation:

I am really happy @Joeyjojojunior you brought in this good thoughts … that is exactly WE, who all loves SuperMechs, should exactly discuss about that …

FEEL free to tell your opinion about … @ALL players …

but please do not start insulting, mocking, or write nonsense, therefor we have a Off Topic forum


P.S.: does anyone know how BattleDawn: Earth Arena is running / growing / has sucess :question:

The girl reminds me somehow to @Sarah247, the avatar we all know :grey_exclamation:


Same as … the “devs” picture reminds me to Liran a lot @Mohadib :exclamation:



I’m sorry but you are incorrect on BD being focused on. BD is down to one full time employee vs dozen+ for SM. BDEA was/is still on pause to keep the focus on SM.


Just shows to you how one dedicated and good person (Alexander) can keep a game running much better than an entire team of jokers.


I don’t think that they all are “jokers”, Liran sure isnt, he is pretty smart, BUT as I was told once, they have to do what the “BIG Boss” @michael says :exclamation:




Are you sure about :question: