Open letter to SuperMechs / tacticsoft / Mr. Michael R.!


It has an end NOW, that WE Top (!) players are unheard every single time between / during / after your updates !

Here the facts :

I am allowed to say I had one of the most powerfull accounts of this game.
I am also allowed to say that I have access to an other top account.

WE bought around 300,000 tokens !!!

My account had more then 8 full fused mechs and around 200 - 250 full fused (!!!) items/mythicals !

WE paid for it !
^^ I mention that because NOWADAYS you allow player playing this game WHO did CLEARLY NOT buy for their FULL FUSED mechs and mythicals.

What you tacticsoft make / made NOW :

  • YOU made ALL effort (spent time + spent money) WORTHLESS
  • YOU made fusion extremly expensive also to get new mythicals
  • YOU STILL allow cheated accounts to play

^^ that is NOT what WE Top players would wish, that is EXACTLY the opposite !

Here the PROVE :

First 30 minutes I gave this update a chance :

I took all my resources - 98,000,000 SM Credit , half of my left 17,000 tokens and tried to build new mechs.
I ended up with 1 full fused (1 item is not full fused) mech with all mythicals.

WHERE is the potential from my OTHER 7 left full fused mechs I had ???

WHY 1 mythical to get and to full fuse is now extremly expensive ?
(I am very good at math, so not took a lot of time, but still good at guessing - 1 RANDOM myth full fused is now around 50 $ and I did NOT go on with think about if I want to have the same myth again - that would mean this money x 5 or 6 !!!

WHY I met NOW - oh what wonder - players with russian flag, having the BEST NEW FULL FUSED mythicals from NEW game ???

Did they buy 1,000,000 tokens ???

WHY WE top players should NOW invest 1 cent more, when …

  • we lost ALL our progress (time AND money)
  • new stuff is extremy more expensive now (special since our FULL fused “old” stuff is garbage now)
  • there is still a WAY to get ALL that stuff for FREE, I am not here to invest 1 more cent to have no chance against others who cheated ALL their stuff

If you can answer me one of this question seriously, I would be very happy !
AND dont LIE, we TOP players have ENOUGH from ALL the LIES !

If …

  • the way that all our “old” stuff is now worthless stays
  • I meet again russian flag players with NOW ALL best new mythicals (CHEATERS)
    … I am done with this game !!!


HERE my …

Suggestion(s) for a solution about the update SM-reloaded


Still waiting for those facts…

Oh… there it is. :wink:


wow…just wow…


I think twice before answering you, because you and me haven´t had the best relationship …

This you mention we have been saying in this forum for a long time and the administration has not taken the matter seriously. We present here the evidence that Kigblinc is an illegal seller of accounts, we ask for audit on the accounts of the Russian players that you mention. Everything has been in vain.

Conclusion: because the administration is corrupt. Do you want to fight against corruption? Hire a lawyer. It is the only way we have left.

With respect to the “update”, rivers of ink have run between yesterday and today. Nobody from the administration has shown the face, nor to say good morning.

Conclusion 2: As someone said, this is a purge. They are doing just what they want to do. Get rid of old players (will it be because they know too much?) And bring in new players who, in their infinite ignorance, are willing to spend money. Money they need to invest in the other game.

This is life. A greeting.


I am level 140 and I’ve farmed over 20.7 Milllion exp. In my life time of farming I’ve gotten about 2.2-2.5Billion SM. How is that people in [SHIRO] have fully fused mech on the first day, AND with half my levels.

In the current version there is a limit to how much credits you can earn with energy as well… There is no way the earned that SM GOLD in this version of this of game. If they transferred it over from older version, this would mean they would have to have 10-15 BILLION Sm(OR EVEN MORE!).

This is IMPOSSIBLE in the Legacy version of Supermechs. You can earn at best, 675.000-1350.000 SM per hour. (This accounts for the inflation from the patch that x9 all the credits we earned. Then it was 75000-150,000 SM per hour) To earn that amount of sm in Legacy Supermechs, you would have to farm about 133333 Hours (15 years) to earn 15 Billion SM(112.500 is used which is the average of the SM per Hour)

Do you see a problem with that?^

Another check, If the account Legitimately farmed all the SM in the legacy version and then transferred it, there was a ratio that was fixed for exp/sm You earned 500 sm and received 50 xp. This ratio did become 2x of 1k sm and 100 xp if you had premium. For example, Kig Blinks is level 79 but has 1 Fully Fused mech and he also has 2 other mechs clearly with mythical tier equipment already.

How does someone who is only level 79 have that much SM prepared?

The other option is tokens. There is no other explanation that can logically explain this…
So an Audit of token spending would abolish the community’s obvious displeasure at this “Shiro” clan.


most thing i hate on this stupid update that they changed the mechs on login screen from ORANGE (<3) to green (pff)…

This is the most stupid thing i see on update…


250 full fused items? u hacker !!!


Thanks a lot for that explanation Reiko !

You hit the “problem” - the issue at his point.

I am level 106 now - new game (upadate) AND WE invested +300,000 tokens.

That said there also a lot lot others top players who invested also a LOT REAL money / tokens.

BUT how magical level 70 players WHO have NOT invested thousends of $$$ have in the NEW version of SuperMechs AGAIN all the best stuff in hours !!!

I HAD the hope, tacticsoft set them (to get ALL for FREE) an END with that new update.

BUT once more russian / ukrain flagged players have AGAIN best stuff in hours !!!

So to the moderators / administrators / developer :

NO NEED to close or hide this thread, it is NOT a witch-hunt.
It is a discussion that things are running compleatly WRONG at the moment :

HONEST players PAID a LOT of real money ($$$) to be beaten NOW again from others, who get AGAIN their stuff for “FREE” !

So it is a showing of a CLEAR problem of this game !

I would also like to have NOW again all best items, but guess what:
it is IMPOSSIBLE, even if I WOULD invest again 100,000 tokens (cos 5 legendarys are needed to make one mythical).

SO please tacticsoft, tell us the OTHER way to get that stuff legal, like NOW AGAIN a lot other players do.

I am sure they invested 1,000,000 tokens - sure sure !

It is called FRAUD !



Im have 8 mythicals on first mech, and not all items on this mech its not full fused.
And my 2nd and 3nd mechs dont have any mythicals.
This stuff im get by fusing legendary by old items.
And my tokens and coins ended because of shetty fusion system.


What you do not have is shame. You have lost all sense of ethics and morals. You are not even a useful person for society.

You are not aware of what you have become? Nothing less than a “snitch”, a servant of the administration of an internet game and in return they allow you to sell accounts illegally and who knows how many more things.

It really is one of the most unpleasant people I’ve met on the internet. You will say that it is just a game, but how you conduct yourself in a game, is how you conduct yourself in life.


They just ran out of money because of the hackers and the top players stopped to buy tokens. So theyve made this update so every top player need to spend money again so they can compensate the loss of the past months.

But I just don’t get it… all the old items and work of the years went to the trash. Not to mention that lot of players invested alot of money and now thats gone because the stuff they bought from that money is useless now. Maybe the update is great and better than before but I think because its basically a new game and your previous progress means nothing… the least you can do is give back the amount of tokens a player have spent on his account in the past. Or 50-70% of it. Im not saying give them right now because that might scare the new players away… but later when you’ve found a new spender group who became a strong top player.

And im asking if all the past spenders starts to spend again and put thousands of dollars into this game again (and basically start from the bottom)… what guarantees that another update like this will not destroy all the progress and money again?

Because we know we can’t believe most of the things Tacticsoft says.


Man, im spend many moneys to this game. And im have Ultra supporter status in past.

Im dont rec buying tokens because dont see sence on this.

But if u very want i can rec this in next vid.


I’m with you. This is a shame


Exactly they wanted morer money so they did this ask yourself wat was point in introducing new cooling module if update was about in month less time so that they cn earn money then all of sudden they made everything useless thinking that we are some addicts and will again buy things with our precious time .
The model of current game is designed to earn as much money as possible tactisoft is raising money by this cheap tactics maybe with it they are investing on another game .


Oh, so now I know why you’re and llyl members so angry.

Are you trying to find a thing to omit your anger?


HTK for the win! XD .


Yep, now htk have big chance get 3rd.You need only replace inactive members.


Tbh KiG, many of the “inactive” members have came back active (which I like :wink: ). A full clan would help though.


Maybe you are right about using it in real life somewhere, BUT here (SuperMechs) @Malicewolf banned accounts for doing fun of real life pictures !

It is a thing about decency !



Stay on the topic guys…