Open Challenge me in global chat..1v1. 2v2. .it won't be easy


Sumerian is an Arena fanatic, so I don’t think he’ll be at Global English THAT much. But I am one of his clan members so I might tell him or something.


That emp is annoying but because he has only 1.3k health it’s better


I think he has his mech Maxed, which means Devil EMP is after you.


My devil 4 ele engines are after his emp


3 actually but 4th is in progress


Then fight me, I have a few tactics with my Arch Devil Maxed
Lightning Scope :joy::ok_hand:

Actually no joke.


Maybe tommorow, now i need to sleep


Not this guy again. He challenges everyone, is so confident, insults our clan, mocks people who lose, and don’t even accept the challenge if someone big challenged him, i.e. Lord Gorgon.


Be peaceful, try to make friends…he is not so bad.


The last time I made a friend he stabbed me in the back and took my v-bucks. I think I’ll pass.


You must be in BTB or Birthday Clan…loll


Our challenger


Already whipped yo asses twice so yeah. Yoza


I love how your title is empathetic though you boast about whooping his ass. Just LMAO



Any problems?


No its just ironic and funny


Haha lol

Sometimes you just gotta brag


Good man @Winz_Kay. Keep it up


Just fought sumerian- his energy mech is good

And my weakness happens to be energy

gg- maybe when I finish building my counter I will beat you :wink:


Anyone up for a pvp because I feel that my mech is ready to fight people