Only visual bug or something more important?


I faced it in portal of new torso. Idk is it important or not so I post a screenshot here. Happened more times with different values. (look at my energy)

//edit I forgot - W10, Opera Browser and it was on hard mode


still not yet fixed, even the HP has also have “significant decimals”


Probably a ‘Number’ that should be an ‘int’, @Sarah247 one of the frontend devs should be able to make quick work of it :slight_smile:


Putting float instead of integer… Nice job haha. I was just wondering is it on the server side (kinda dangerous) or on client side (then does not matter). Thank you very much for reply :slight_smile:


Neither side matters really, worst case scenario an unexpected 1 extra HP due the fraction in a very very very tiny number of battles.

It’s possible it’s on the server side too, but I imagine the easiest fix is just making sure its an int in the UI. If there’s really a fraction with saving it, can always change that on the server side by casting the relevant formula. :slight_smile:


Sent it over to them.
Thanks for the heads up!


We found the bug and it will be fixed in the next coming days.
Thanks again everyone, and Happy New Year! :fireworks: