Online glitch from tacticsoft


The first screenshots were made when the server crashed and people could not enter the game!

and just made

what is this for?
show us the real online!


@Berserk40000 @Smirk

It is not a “cheat” from tacticsoft, it is a wrong shown online list :exclamation:

This issue is now also since YEARS :exclamation:

I reported it several times :exclamation:

I gave up doing it, because they never changed it :exclamation:

Same as with the …

  • Ranking List (shown wrong also since years)


2 new things …

  • the order in “Members” from the listed members is now shown wrong also, it shows an order about Rank, not an order about the Arena Points as it was before :exclamation:

  • the order in “Titan” from the listed players is now ordered somehow (during getting tickets), but not anymore about the Clan-Coins, as it was before :exclamation:




This suggests that overstating “online” has always been

Sorry, meant overpriced “online”. translator translated as fraud) although the meaning is appropriate)


and then we wonder why with 700 online in the arena we cannot find an opponent …


Hey, the “list issue” has been reported to the devs :slight_smile: I will ping them once again about it tomorrow, dear Besty :slight_smile: