One question I want to ask

I just got the distance generator from a premium box. I don’t know if I should keep it, or if I should use it as the last legendary needed to transform my tonto drone into mythical. I mean, I don’t have anything I can use it for right now, but who knows if I need it later?

  • Keep it
  • Use it as myth food

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Just keep all L-Ms…


FTW Is that?This text will be blurred

its a new weapon. You missed a bit while you were gone.

You mean distance shredder or what?

Depends, if you have a scope its awesome, if the enemy has a scope you;re screwed

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It’s an energy side weapon that requires jumping legs, which jumps back a huge number of spaces and deals knockback

-Insert Distance Shredder Photo Here-

(The distance generator is the energay version)

Oh i know that weird looking weapon now i remember

im going to get banned for reviving crap. MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa
i am afetus

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I confirm that you don’t exist

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I confirm that your profile pic is now pixelated and animated

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Ok and

It’s pretty much good