One question about raid tiers 2 & 3

Raid is supposed to make a test out of all items and your usage of them.
However in raid tiers 2 and 3 there are sometimes opponents at range 1 that cannot be defeated without taking damage EXCEPT for a player that has Crimson Rapture or Mercy.

For example today’s raid tier 2 boss:


It has 512 HP and a heat cap of 122.
There is no weapon that can one-shot 512 HP even with 20% arena bonus as there isalmost no weapon with a basic max damage of 426 or higher (426 * 1.2 = 511.2 = 512 damage).

So the only weapons that can be used to get a perfect score here are Crimson Rapture that allows you to force the boss into shutdown or Mercy with a basic max damage of 440.

While in tiers 4-6 there are opponents you cannot one-shot at all and hence it comes down to tactics and the whole potential of any players inventory in tiers 2 and 3 everything comes down to the possession or absence of Crimson Rapture.

Therefore I wondered if that ability to complete these tiers perfectly depending just on just the possession of one of two item alone can really be called a matter of strategy.

So should maybe starting position at distance 1 be removed from tiers 2 and 3 in raid and only be allowed in tier 1 (where all opponents can be destroyed with 1 shot by several weapons) and tiers 4-6 (where the opponents are so strong that Crimson Rapture alone is not the only specific item you need for a perfect score)?

Or maybe the HP of the enemies at starting distance 1 can be reduced so that HP + PhysRes = 480?
(480 because BackBreaker with basic max damage 408 * 1.2 = 489.6 = 490 and so 10 points to allow a little leeway with RNG. That way there would at least be 2 weapons with the potential to finish the raid without damage by one-shotting the opponents.)

Editted: Just noticed the existence of Mercy with basic max damage of 440. So I adjusted the text.


you actually can kill him with 20% on mercy.


That… Takes ALOT of patience, since 512 dmg is NOT Mercy’s average dmg.


Luckily I have Crimson and not planning on using it as Evolve food just like what I did to Desert Snake, Mortal Bullet and Sparked Runners

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I noticed that when taking a look at the mythical items thread while you replied, too.
So I adjusted my text as it still comes down to only 2 items in the whole game for the beginning tiers of the raid.

I am fine with specific weapons being needed for the later tiers as you will need more than 1 or 2 specific items there.
But I think for the first 3 tiers it should be possible to manage without one of two specific premium items to be needed.
Or am I just selfish for thinking like that?

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You’re not selfish for thinking that. Previously when raid was just getting started (and a while after). You used to be ABLE to perfect the first three without premium items. It was the last three that really made a difference.

But for some reason, TS thinks we need the extra “challenge”.

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I beat raid 2 and 3 with 1 hp taken.

Resistance and tp away so only the drone hits for 1.

Its how i do it


I did that, too.
But it still becomes a clear difference of 50 points only with the extistence of Mercy or Crimson Rapture in your inventory.
It has nothing to do with strategy in these cases.
Just a matter of “Mercy or Crimson Rapture in inventory - yes or no”.


raid benefits p2w players.


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Sure, but it should be about strategy - at least that is what it was supposed to be about.
As such I am fine if the difference comes in the higher tiers where you need several premium items to finish the raid in top scores.
But it should not depend just on possessing 1 of 2 items in the lower tiers.
That is what I question with the current raid.

Btw. it does not affect me much as I end in the top 50 anyway and do not have the needed res modules to finish in top 10 even if I scored perfect in raid tiers 2 and 3.
I just questioned the issue about the strategy part in these two tiers depending on these two items alone.


no this is not problem because 1 Hp loss only equal 50 less points,
and in tier 6 you can’t do in perfect because the mechs have too much dmg &hp,heat, energy,

so the dmg deal is randomly (from 50-100+)
to solve this need to do the raid multiply time to get the lowest hit that enemy deal

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We have something in common xd

Exactly as i though!
They are always next to us.

Acctualy that’s good for me,gonna crismon them

Limit the tokens you get from raid, limit the legendaries you can get. It’s very clear why ts is doing this :slight_smile:

Yes, they obviously do it so that players can exploit portal bugs to get an incredible amount of free tokens without having a bad conscience.

I wouldn’t have a bad conscience about the portal even if raid were fair, there’s so many other flaws

finally the annoying mech go far away
but you still need sniper to do it…

What lvl has the sniper be to do it?

That depends on your arena bonus on energy damage.
The least bonus you need is level 2 for 3% and with that you need Valiant Sniper at mythical level 50 (max.) because 189 * 1.03 = 194.67 = 195 --> 2 energy remaining for boss while teleport and drone each would cost 3 energy for the boss to use.
The least energy damage Valiant Sniper must deal without bonus is 162 if you have 20% arena bonus.
Then energy damage will be 162 * 1.2 = 194.4 = 195 that is needed as explained before.