One mech or two mechs

should i have 1 or 2 mechs

Depends if you have already maxed out 1, or at least have a competitive build for 1 mech. Build the second after you have a strong primary mech.

Building 1 good mech has taken me 3 months, with a lot of play. Once I had gone so far, I spent a little money, and went further.

This is a long term game, and requires a lot of patience with building your machines.

Have a plan and work towards it. Know what you want/need to build an awesome mech, and max out the weapons that you definitely keep. Also, don’t make silly hybrids, they don’t work, except in the case if maybe one weapon from another build type.

All the best with your mech building!

I started out with one mech that I worked on, but while I did that, I collected parts for other builds. When my first mech was on Legendary max, I started to work on the other mechs, which are now mostly legendary max, too (Modules… and myth torsos).

Using that strategie, I can play up to rank 5 at the end of each league with mostly legendary mechs. And I’m always playing 3v3, which is way more interesting. So imho that’s worth considerating, too.

Focus on one mech at a time

I disagree (on hybrid, not the other stuff). I find close range physical with long range heat a way to beat some weaker phys (most phys are basic meta designs) without sacrificing wins against heat/energy

I use 2 desolation, nightfall, terror cry, clash.
I have Epic multi-resistance, but i want to go phys res.

Also, for f2p (no/some investment) focus on 1 mech, but once it is good-er (maxed legend/myths with final mech items)and you have items for a 2nd mech get it. But don’t actively try to get a 2nd mech early/mid game.

EDIT: i used it rank 14 to 8 so far (3 win per 1.5 loss)

Maybe for your rank.
You won’t see better players using hybrid mechs.


would this work

If you’re to use that combination of weapons,then replace the regen mass boster with an energy engine.

ok when i find one then