One garanteed legendary in Premium Pack

  • Yes
  • No

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After spending money in the past and not receiving anything now it becomes really unsustainable.

Last week I’ve spent 2000 tokens (taken from raid score and campaign, no more money spent since reloaded) and got NO SINGLE LEGENDARY. Is it fair?

A legendary guaranteed for each box would be honest. Thank you Tactisoft.
Share your thoughts.


If legy’s will be the only item you get on premium pack.
Then everyone will stop buying premum box.
It will also make p2w players even stronger.

Plus it’s just a luck lad.
Wish you a luck on the next one.

Spend 1000 dolars, buy packs, no legendary. Isnt a steal? I thought a lot about the update and what happened to old top players ( i was not a top but an active player with a lot of good mythical items).
I cant accept those dynamics anymore.


1 guaranteed B O N U S legendary power kit

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I try a little every day 1 or 2 premium box but without success

campaign not a legendary one for months

I feel like slave spending, cultivated campagn for hours

question: he’s entitled to put box chance legendre 1% ?

for me, big suspect mohabib


agree with you boss, i realy dont know why i continue to fight… fight for nothing

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Lol, me too

Let’s not forget this topic

why not more of a 20% chance in prem box and 1 guaranteed legendary on the prem packs?!
this would fair out both so people dont just buy the boxes to get 1 legendary over and over again, and the prem pack would be more worth buying (plus is 1 guaranteed which means there can be more than 1)