One button for select all

I know this sounds lazy but what if Supermechs added a button in the fusing/upgrading workshop which selects all the commons and rares to use as upgrading instead of us pressing each individual item which can quickly become many after farming.

You may want to keep some rare items like teleprters and repulsor etc. but otherwise most people like me don’t have much other use fo rrares and commons so we won’t mind them all being selected fo fusing…

Any comments?


What Morde is trying to explain there is a hidden and secret strategy on fusing and boosting.
You must boost matching types of energy/heat/phis, and also matching each item types of sidewepons/topwepons/torsos/specials/modules, so that you get the most of each one(around 11% more boost).
boosting Iron Boots(they are type phis, and legs as items).
I want to use only legs items that are phis, to get the most out of them.

True… but personally I can’t be bothered to do that, I just fuse what I want where I want and it works fine :grin:

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Same here, and I also haven’t enough inventory space for applying this strategy.

Yea I did that for a while… I had a ton of items in perpetual states of upgrade. The bonus isn’t that good to make me do it all the time. Usually if I’m maxing a myth item I’ll use the same type items for it and then everything else to work on a non myth item.

Exactly. @Dubi0us @Splatter @El_Metre @magicmech20 @Mordulec