One 6 ticker please


ADMIN can you get one 6 ticker i really want one world as 6 tickers i really missed played playing 6 ticks i hope you can get one world was 6 ticks they are some player who are waiting for 6 ticker :blush:


If you want to show your support for a 6 ticker make sure to vote HERE

Seems to be quite a bit of interest for a 6 ticker so far. Hopefully Alex will consider it.


We need 11 more yes votes for Alex to consider it.


There isnt an amount needed. But the more people vote, the more alex will know its a wanted thing.


Is that the case? As far as ik a suggestion needs 30 yes net votes for it to be considered as popluar suggestion and only then it is considered by the staff.


I tried to get something official set up but Alex stated that he would rather not.

He also stated that he reads every topic. Therefore there is no target for polls to get considered but every vote in favour and reasoning for & against in a thread is important and may change Alexโ€™s decision about whether a suggestion is good or not.