Once again,what about heat less(<35 per shot) battles?

i just watched replays of battles by highest ranked players; it is like who can fry ur enemy faster.
double metal shredders / swarms /storms on every mech; 2 lava sprays, heat axes everywhere ; no body even seem to use any other mythical weapons.
double metal shredders against double swarms etc;
can we have battles with more restrictions , preventing players from using the same boring combinations

what exactly are you suggesting?

simply calling for “restrictions” is very nebulous and vague

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its funny see how people reacts to rank 1 battles… tehehe most are afraid of us…

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in current economy, the only restrictions needed are “no myphicals” and “no myphicals or legendaries”. Will solve anything.

In new economy, high-tier items are all the same as lower-tier, save for stats. No restrictions will help, but I hope there won’t be OP weapons then.

Well, they get the job done fastest. Fry the enemy, get rid of there turns, continue to fry them until the mech is destroyed. And <35 heat or turn would make heat weak. Same for energy, less than 35 energy drain makes the energy branch weak. I like the idea of more variety mechs, which used to exist before mythicals become the new norm.

i get bored of rank 1 and go down xD, i mean it doesnt worth for me try to be on top players it requires too much time and a no symetrical mech what i hate xD
every combo its easy to defeat the point is that you need at least 700hp and more than 100 cooling and 80 regen to be unbeatable… i could do it but its boring xD