💰 on my way to 100 million Gold


wow getting really close


Whats the point of reaching it? You dont get anything at all :stuck_out_tongue: With that much gold i would max 3 mechs :0


So sad… Usually end the day with less than 50k coins… I need to farm more… This morning I only got to do 3 level 1’s the very first level :cry:


She’s trying to be the player with the highest amount of gold, trying to beat
@GameSmasher (150 Million Gold lol) I suppose.


With that much gold you’ll max more than 3 mechs lol


Very good question …

I will explain to you …

  • during saving up the first 50 million I won 8 Single tournaments in 2018

  • that means I even did with playing “old mechs”, not equipped with the best possible parts

  • now because of that I decided to go even further, to save up another 50 million and that a lot faster, with even not trying to win a tournament (with using new max boosted items), since I am so far away from 2nd who won most Single Gold Medals

  • so I have a LOT of time to save up Gold, tokens, boxes, relics, power units

… and at that moment I will decide to go for further single medals, I will use it :exclamation:

(at least a part of it)



My way to 100 million Gold …


10 million

15 January 2018

20 million


18 July 2018

30 million


03 September 2018

40 million


16 October 2018

50 million


01 December 2018

60 million


29 December 2018

70 million


22 January 2019

80 million


12 February 2019

90 million


27 February 2019

I will update it here (at this post) now, for strange forum reasons, I cannot edit my OP anymore :exclamation:

(last step to go … only less than 10 million to go :wink: )


… only 8 million to go :exclamation:



bestplayerintheworld hears a knock knock knock at the door

bestplayerintheworld asks who’s there

person replies I’m the tax collector, you haven’t paid the taxes on your recent winnings. If you don’t pay up we’ll take your Mech away, as you hear a truck loading up your mechs to cart them off :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


But you have to pay more :exclamation:





What if taxes are deducted from the mission’s max money so that all the rewards/winnings already have their taxes deducted from them… How about that? :joy::laughing:


They’re pretty expensive I’d say




Isn’t the Fuel for the missions AND the time we invest (watching videos + generate trafic) enough “taxes” we pay :question::question::question:


Apropos Cash:

From …

To …

… she did all right :exclamation:



(more characters)


Sorry … to early … still 8 million to go :exclamation:



oh…c’mon…easy peasy…


Yeahhhh … only 5 more million to go …




Why not share that among us all… Don’t be greedy. :wink:


Donations are always welcome :blush:


You mean like splitting the 100 million (once I reached them) with, lets say … other 24 players :interrobang:

So …

4 million Gold for 24 different players :exclamation:

Sound good to me :exclamation: