💰 on my way to 100 million Gold


We need to get Robin Leach to narrate this thread of TS’s rich and famous :face_with_monocle: :champagne::clinking_glasses:




Yes, watching the dates, it looks like +1 million / week is easy possible :exclamation:



At 66 Million now …

  • 60 Million at 29 December

… so I made 6 Millions in this 2 weeks, so it seems +10 Million is possible in 1 month :exclamation:

With the new Arena Shop Category “Campaign Gold Increase” it should speed it up also a little bit :exclamation:




Nice, I wish you luck on your journey to 100 Mil.


I will pass you, just wait it!!!


Umm… no you dumb ass(no mean) it should be at least 12 millions gold per month if you earn 6m per 2 months duh~~


It is a little bit more than 2 weeks … from 29th December to 14th Januar :exclamation:

So I rounded down to 5 Million :exclamation:


And …

I am pretty sure you meant … 2 weeks and not …



Well… I guess I am a hard work player cause I earn at least 400k gold per day xD
so more than 3m week :b
*F2P say oh yeah :v


The new Arena Shop Category “Campaign Gold Increase” will help you also :exclamation:

And …

NO :exclamation:




Just wait I will pass you soon(not soon)
A little bit off topic today I earned 800k gold :v


But you know that 66 Million is a little bit more than ~ 36 Million :question:





Just wait…
I will pass you and become strongest F2P player :b
I just use my brain and as I count I will need 15 months to pass you :b
Umm… Nvm…


Good night any ways :smiley:


These millionaire players do not know how to spend similar amounts of coins. at least invest and enter the top :rofl::rofl::rofl:


@bestplayerintheworld and @2ab are like two millionaires shaking their gold and ruby encrusted canes at each other while trying not to drop their monocles :face_with_monocle: :money_mouth_face: :moneybag: :moneybag:




I will ask you kindly once to please not post memes here, Topic is “on MY way to 100million Gold” :exclamation:
If you feel the need to post memes, there are serveral threads around about memes, or just creat your own topic :exclamation:

Thank you for understanding :exclamation:



Hey Best, Loan me sum Gold please, I will not pay you back

Thanks :blush: