💰 on my way to 100 million Gold


My way to 100 million Gold …


10 million

15 January 2018

20 million

18 July 2018

30 million

03 September 2018

40 million

16 October 2018

50 million


01 December 2018

60 million


29 December 2018

70 million


22 January 2019

80 million


12 Februar 2019

~~Book of World Records~~
~~Book of World Records~~
+50% gold rewards in campaign [12.02.19]
The richest in-game?

Question: Do you do everything possible to get that gold? or just farming?

You can use Campaign, tokens, titan, arena and stuff


And what do you plan to do with the gold?


Save it.

Or make a huge box opening.


Boosting the new items coming 2020 :exclamation:


2019 I will need for the other 46 million + Gold for boosting :exclamation:


T-that’s part of the huge box opening.


Buy a new grill


Or buy a new grill

My money’s on this one, imagine the BBQs you can whip up with this. :money_mouth_face: :yum:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: wow :fork_and_knife: :exclamation:


for you that all this money in kkkkkkk


joder con todo ese dinero llevo a mis 2 mechs al full.


Why don’t you use the saved up money for a massive silver box opening. It will take a while, but if you record the results we can get the drop rates. You could open a massive amount of silver boxes, and still have plenty of money for boosting.


Yum Yum…


Yeah … Gold Portal :exclamation:




Keep grinding you’ll get there :sunglasses:

Mine is still growing

Same for me except for a slight slip 3 or 4 years ago after I spent most of my free tokens I actually spent 99 cents for 50 tokens to give me enough tokens to get 1 more REAL Mythical box old day style. Since then I’ve never spent anything except time.
Tokens only aquired through ads, survey, campaign etc…


Top 5 Most Richest Players in Super Mechs


Updated … at 60 million Gold now :exclamation:



Geez, 60 mil…


give some to the poor and needy pls



We need to get Robin Leach to narrate this thread of TS’s rich and famous :face_with_monocle: :champagne::clinking_glasses: