On a hunt.....for da past


Hey, Im trying to find me old legacy account I used to play back in 2013 or so. I dont remember the username or password…
This topic is probably useless, but does anybody know some special way to find old account specifics? Like maybe something with my IP address?


With all them hackers around, you could probably give someone some info and give them a free legacy account


Yeah, me and yeet shared the account back then

I really would like to find it, and have tried every username and password I can remember

I really wish there was a full list of all players in the game in the league thing, that way I could search all the way down for a username I recognize


Same fuqing problem.
I lost my frist acc thanks to fuqing facebook
Pls help if you can.


Any ideas on the username of the account? even partial i might be able to find it?


You could look for a username with “will” in it
That would narrow it down


… thats all you have xD

Will… lets see how many that brings up…


Okay there is 496 pages of wills… thats 12400 results :confused:


any with leop?

or willbill


a lot :exclamation:

Good luck with searching :exclamation:



mabye willmybrotherhelp :question:


Is there any way you can search accounts by IP address at all?

Any way, here are some search cues:

Some of the emails might be:

Maybe that can narrow it down a little?


Currently unable to search :confused: If I get time to later I will see what I can dig up.


Alright, thanks dude.