Omg weirdsest glitch (Campaign reset)


I DONT CARE ABOUT SPELLINGGG i got to beat my campaign again and i got free boxes and from 4 of those boxes i got legendarys fortune boxes and areana in campaign omg im so lucky!!!




i got infity boxes and tokens!!!


A SHORT RANGER!!! i got a short ranger!!!




still really confused




now im sad i gavento reset camaign :frowning:


Why did i get notification?


idk why did you get one



Clarified title…

now @Berserk40000, do you have any idea why the campaign reset happened ?


No but now i have all the progress besides normal…




You shouldn’t have posted it in forum, now devs will fix this and you will never get good, lmao what a peasant.

Don’t spread how to reproduce it, keep it only to yourself mate, get strong at any cost, you deserve.

Unless you have some thousands of dollars to spare.


I bet he doesn’t even play SM Lol.


Dunno…bur maybe he heard something about it between 2 doors…


And you think he’d tell you?


Honestly, I can’t take seriously someone who stated “We love mechs, games, and, moreover, we love to be in the community of gamers.”, sounds like he’s just a random community manager which doesn’t even plays the game but got a contract because of experience.

I would love to be wrong though.