OMG , i'm dying , HELP ME


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Click the link , i’ve just updated the topic , LOL , just to make sure it’s a surprise


Your warning isn’t bright enough. Add this:

Do not click if you have a faint of heart


Dude, that’s disgusting. :face_vomiting:

Talk about H-bombed. :exploding_head:


Not the kind of thing we want in pure Off Topic, moved to SPAM.


Yeah,that’s the feeling that you’re child.
How do i know that? Because obviosly that’s small ones does do at the internent lmfao.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW , looks like sharing funny stuff with people makes people CHILDS , I didn’t know that , It’s an intereseting information , And can i ask? How old are you ? Be honest , i’ll be honest


Lmao no.
These photos are not funny and do attract gai sht lol.
And your friend may be child ‘‘funny’’ too.


I said i found this picture while i was scrolling on facebook -_-