Omg!i am in a raid!


anyone dares??To find me??


Lmao, tell me when you get top 10 in Day 6. We can be friends then.


I can’t beat 5 raid -_- :frowning: lol


I’m sorry but you’re not on the raid.


I always seem to get top 10 whenever I decide to do the raid…lol…


On 1st raid
Game system set u in top 10 always (if u made max points)

On 1st raid 187 players got max point(1300 in this case).

Instead set your name at like 130th or 34th position, system sets your name in top 10 always.

But if u have a look at raid ranking by using another account, u will see 10 different names in top 10


I can do 5th raid but not last one… And, also, raid just started


This are. Names I see in top 10, but u can notice u have 10 diff names in top 10 by checking ranking tables


Depends on weapon u wear


Example I cant do 2nd perfect raid, but I can do “perfect” on 3rd and 4th raid… e.e


I have dual nightfall, anni, night eagle and backbreaker… all myth… and void (myth)… so I can get perfect on first few due to doing over 200 damage… I can one shot all of the ones on 1st and secong raid


U need diiff weapons just for raids.
Maxed heat bomb is a must (imo)
Cuz opponent loses an hit or 2 hits.

I usually use 3 diffent builds
1 for 1st/2nd raid
Another for 3/4th
Another for last 2 raids

It’s obviously to make best points in raids u can’t use same weapons/build u use everyday in pvp/pve


I found Gunner But not you