OMG I am even more OP than before

Did you spend t-coins on refills?

is this

  • sumerian tablet v2
  • lvl 100 mafia boss

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I used myself leveling up :3

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Just when the XP update was released ? ^^

No idea what that was but cool ok xd

AAAh, no. I got the 2 mil like 6 months after.

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Oh, that’s one thing that I miss I’m now at level 150 and I no longer get those rewards. I remember how much of a boost they’d give me.


AAAAh, I’m so scared

We must tremble before our new lord Sir Idiot of Bad Judgment

Let’s give him a break he might be a new player and is excited to be able to make that many coins a day.

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No, we don’t do that here. If a new player says or does something wrong or obnoxious we instantly attack them and fill them with hatred. We dismiss all of their ideas and completely ignore them forever, or ask for them to be banned. Sound familiar? Sounds a lot like this community…

While I’m not down to the point of Salted_Poultry (just above me), I think this guy could easily have seen how we reacted to his first “OfMg I aM sO oP” thread…

There’s also the way of saying it…
I’d cheerfully congrat someone who achieved one of his.her goal, even minim it could be
BUT I don’t really like people coming with the “I’m the boss and lick my boots” (or any variation of it) mindset (or rather, way of acting and speaking), even if it’s to tell they did something they carried in their hearth for times…

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Yea kind of how I was treated when I was new back in march.

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Hey chicken, don’t call the new guy a idiot, he must be newbie, thats all… SOmething you were once too :wink:

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I’d find that 50k gold useful rn

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Lmao at this point I think this is someone’s alt trolling us. This dave onlye exists to flex.


lmao best topics ever



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Boi… in ten mins, my noob mech will level up and by then have like, 200,000