Old top players clan 6.0 recruitment

I cant physical are sh#t now

Not really they just need the right tuning u gota good mech just need some good tuning

You know me, I quit 3 weeks back, IGN -thunder

Ohhhhhh yea long time no see i rememebr u now

Well u should make a come back thunder

I’m too busy with school rn, I’ll start playing again in May . :slight_smile:

Well i hope u do make a come back buddy


Good to see u too KilliN lol

@Sarah247 why the muting tool does not work?

very good question i was wondering how to mute someone also never knew how to do it

Lol wanting to mute me for no reason wasnt my fault taht u quit the game and became a bad player unlike me :slight_smile:

Yeah, killin. Its not his fault he became a top pro player but you didnt. Rekt.

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