Old top players clan 6.0 recruitment

hey guys its ya boy GODZILLA my clan is currently top 10 with 4 spots open i need 4 powerful people to join my clan so we can get top 5 my clan has the right win percentage we just need the people so message me if u are interested pretty much all u have to be is rank 5 or higher with a good mech to join thats really it so give me a message guys so we can gett that top 5 together ill be waiting :slight_smile:

I’m an around Free2Play Rank 6-7 on average… Unlucky me.

I could need a clan. I’m F2P and i’m usally between rank 4-2.
Here’s my ID: 16063201

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Well im to shit yay me

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Just tell me your name in super mechs

Umm alright
Immortal Hunter
( if it doesn’t work, judt write my ID instead )

im in super mechs right now can u meet me in global chat

meet me in global chat im right there

sorry i’m busy rn i pm you in the forums later

alright whenever your unbusy let me know

ill be waiting my friend ill be on sm all night

Well can u get rank 5 to 4 at least

i can be the judge of that just show me your mech n your rank

I’m rank 4-2 player, but unfortunately I don’t play anymore

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See im to shit yay me

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WOW That’s a REALLY Shit Mech

Just kidding lol

I blurred this on purpose who told u to read this

Im rank 8 also 20 characters

So your a old player huh

If u can get rank 5 or 4 i will let u join my clan

Maybe u could start playing again ya know and maybe can help out my clan