Old top players clan 6.0 recruitment once again


what it is guys its ya boy GODZILLA here to ask if anyone wants to join my clan i am only accepting skulls at this time rank 4 and up if u would liek to join send me a pic of your mech and of your rank so i can decide who to add we are currently top 5 so give me a message on here i will be waiting for your answers anyways peeeeeeeeeeeeeace out ill be waiting


heres some proof for yall my clan is top 5


my in-game name is Techno and im very gud energi playrr : ^ )


meet me in the top chat if u please so i can 1v1 u :slight_smile:


if ya would meet in top chat id appreciate it :slight_smile:


I agree you have a strong mech good games today


dont toucha my spaghett


that was me , im techno

not him

he toucha my spaghett


Reported to FBI for identity theft.


flux leave me alone ree


can i join? im lv 83, i play everyday to do daily quests


I’m waiting for 7.0 to come.