Old top players clan 2.0 recruting players

Hello everyone i am GODZILLA i am leader of this clan i am looking for op acitve rank ones to join my clan and help us get to top 3 my clan has the potential to get there with the right help i have 4 medal players in the clan and we are top 5 so send me a message if u would like to join my clan and try to hit top 3 thank u very much for reading :wink:

Wasn’t you supposed to be gone

hi GODZILLA I would like to join my id is 17932560
thank you

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I don’t play anymore…

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mmm this place smell… like fish… so fishy-sushi-kelphy.:sushi::fish_cake::fried_shrimp:


Lol your vey funny namy :stuck_out_tongue:

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zilla my offer s still open

HTK still best.