Old top player, maybe...?


I found this guy in battle today, all mythical items, looked like he would have been quite the beast before reloaded. Anybody know if he was a big player before reloaded or not?
42 PM
The name is Zeus 13 if you cant see it


his myth doesnt have any levels on it and red rain was highly irregular in top players in the pre-update meta. death punches had their places but I think a top player would have still got a second swarmer in there with it.

I also dont recognise that name, so I’m gonna say mid-tier player.


I would say no to your question because i had a better mech then that before reloaded
I am not bragging btw


He was a more or less good player. Approx. top 30. That’s pretty good.


Do you specifically remember him?


Zeus are oldly multiaccounter


That’s why this video …
Dozens of old players appear, at least their accounts.


Not actually, as i can see, those items are almost maxed.
Notice they are a bit green…


The short answer? No. His items aren’t good enough, even at max level.

This reminds of when I fought ChessPoet a few months back.


he’s not a top player,just rank 1 player, like me(before reloaded,now i’m trash)