Old times,torsos,legacy,BETA


Same torso diferent times(years,a lot)
Post urs !


Isn’t nice to remember what we used to do (and to be in this game)?
It sure is!
Though,I don’t really miss these times.You know how they say…What you knew yesterday could change tomorrow,right?
Well,it happened.
Sure,things got better,things got worse.But I still enjoy it.It still gives an experience;a feeling when you play,when you dedicate yourself to it.
But It’s no use crying over spilled milk (as I have already said a couple times)…Just pick up that little milk you have left,grab a coffee and make a cappuccino.

Aaand please stop with this thread once again…Same things over and over.

I don’t exactly drink coffee… I’m still getting ready for a lecture.

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It was just a metaphor dude :smile::laughing::rofl:

What I’m saying is embrace the change,pick up what you have left from Legacy and make something even better.

I was trying to be positive this time.

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Positivity achieved! gives cookie

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here are my 3 oldest mechs i used in the old super mechs days this account of mine used to be one of the best in the game i miss the old sm so much but i saved this old account just in case i needed it again so take a look at my hard work over the years of me making these mechs


unfortunately i did not keep any screen shots from old times…
i do regret it

however the graphics of the old torsos apealed to me better
(i mean they did not change the shape as you upgraded them)

Damn, I had two metal shredder, very powerful, loved my last build of the old sm