Old School Coming Back


Hi, I’ve been a Battledawn Player since 2007 I quit around 2010 and I just came back I was hoping to find a good alliance to join in I’m willing to go serious and have some fun cheers. :slight_smile:


Welcome back buddy. Always nice to see such an old player return. May I ask what your previous igns/alliance affiliations were, if you remember that is


I was part of PHI and USA ( Sub ) and GLA ( Subs ) also some alliance I forgot haha way back I can’t remember the rest but when Mars 1 was first brought out I also played as a part of WILD you’d have to excuse my memory it’s been soo long hahaha.


USA and GLA, haven’t heard those names in such a long time. I don’t believe anyone still plays from either of those alliances. There are still maybe a couple of PHI players still here.


Welcome back! Enjoy your stay.


Thanks for the welcome guys see you all in the game :slight_smile:


KingTutt of Poopmonkies/BabyJesus/Thanos is back baby!


just got back too.
maybe u will see more of me in jan.


yo carnage is that you? pm me on skype


Yo I used to play in 2007 as well, my IGN was Wolf but Im looking to get back into it too what’s your Skype bro


I wasn’t around back then but maybe we can team up sometime soon. Whats your skype id man?