OLD+ new weapons

I was going through my game and hoping for some weapons but no luck: Are some weapons not available anymore?

Yes, a ton of items are no longer available - literally dozens. 4 or 5 months ago, the game had a massive update (thus: supermechs reloaded) and all (or at least most) items from before the update are considered ‘legacy’ and no longer obtainable.

I should note that some items also only appear at legendary rarity and above; naturally, they are quite rare, but are still obtainable.

As for a list of items available, I’m not aware of a complete one - but a list of all items that go to mythical rarity is available on this forum right here. These are really the only ones you need to worry about, honestly.

can you send me a list plz

Every item that was here before SM Reloaded isn’t obtainable anymore.

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