Old myth items, straight to the new look alikes

So, I have been playing supermechs, and transform legacy weapons into power units, but wouldn’t it be better if we just get the old legacy weapons to the new weapons, for example, transform U.S.A Legacy item = Windigo, wouldn’t it be better like this ? change old myth items to the new look alikes ? This was my idea because a lot of people are getting tired, they have max level stuff, and do not need it no more, so why not make old legacy weapons to the new weapons that look alike ? I mean a lot of people will like it.

Thanks for all of your support coming to my topic guys :slight_smile:

Great idea, but around 7 weeks to late.

And if, what would you do with the players, who already used the “Legacy Converter” ?


some people have, some people haven’t, or the admins can change the power units :wink:

Yes, I am sure they will change the whole update !

Thank you for that suggestion !


I’ve seen loads of people with legacy items, anyway. Atleast it is good for the noobs. All of our money wasted and the items come to waste :frowning: