Old mesaages I. got

I was just going through the old mails I got from BD and I saw this

Was that about EA or.some project which was never implemented?

P.S would be great if I could still get those blues xD


3 mobile applications have been developed by tacticsoft.
First was WarLingo and second was Supermechs followed by EA.

Warlingo? When was thar

It was there for a short period of time.
I don’t exactly remember the time though, but I would say somewhere between 2014-15

I can’t find anything regarding it other than 2 posts in the old forum… didn’t it work?

only thing i could find


Now I know why it didn’t go so well lol

^images available here apk also but it doesn’t work unless ur Android is still 2.3 I think lol

One drawback I recall is that it was a 2D game which looked quite obsolete.

Wasn’t it turn based battledawn ?with just all written stats? Like no real map or anything