Old me or new me?

Swo I’m swure mwany of uwu know who I uwused to bwe! And I just want to know if uwu pwefer me now or if uwu pwefered old mwe! Rawr UwU

  • Old me
  • New me OwO

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I don’t know you… Remind me…

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This refwesh your memowy?

Is that a pink bra??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I edwited thwat to be what it is… And nwow uwu just wuined it fwor me!
Black Tempest… And wes, I’ve chwanged a bwit! X3

black tempest lol


Hmm… Black Tempest… Well… I know the name, yet don’t know you much… Just be your self…

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hes talking about should he talk normal or this fukin uwu sheit

I was thwe one who kwept on gwoing at Sumerian_Tablet everytwime he evwen twook a bweath…
I hwated hwim… Now I mwiss him in a way…

Not 100%
Imagwine old me (Black Tempest) attitude and aggwesion bwut with ‘wuw sheit’
Vwewy angwy cwutie!

Wait??? You are Sumerian_Tablet in SM???

I was thwe one who hwated him
I was @BlackTempest

I like Sumerian… He is nice to me… Though I beat him in battle every time…


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Uwu bween wiving under a wock? OwO
I’m nwot going to wet thwis twigger me…

How you know that? now I have to move…

Mway I cwome ovwer?
Just fwor a wittle wisit? UwU Rawr


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Who’s thwis with uwu?
Me jeawous!


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That is her

She cwan only fwit one bwall in hwer mouth!
I cwan fwit 4! I cwan gwive uwu more fwun! Rawr X3

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