Old legacy myth. or legend. ITEMS are OUT OFF PLAY?-!

  • Shotgun X Mk 3
  • Electric discharger Mk 1
    e.g. I guess

both are not running in arena anymore!

People, those who have them in #-limited inventory, test them (or other items making e-pain without e-costs, useing bullets or rockets in past e.g.), press the buttom and see…

I destroyed meanwhile ALL mun.storages, during confusing implematations.

i try to be calme.

Yeah, I think they forgot to remove the bullet/rocket usage stat on those items when they rolled out the new update.

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I noticed that they work in campaign, but not in PvP arena.

All items/weapons that use ammo (bullets/rockets) work in campaign, but useless in PvP.

Bug? Maybe.