Old items that people still use

The Meteor is still the best… I miss that sword sooo muchh…

The design is great imo

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other legacy’s still used:
coldfire mk 1/2 and lava spray mk 1/2
bully(that push weapon)

Blowback. 3 shot push back weapon. Also use lightning gate and rock crusher . Myth dual teleport and myth dual grapple .

The myth phys hook is rock biter.I remember that because I still have it in my inventory

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Thank you for the corrections :slight_smile:

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what they should do is to ban these old items in pvp permanently, it is the best for all, because there are people who are only good for these (mainly double physical double teleport and hook, and 2 crimsom) is best for all

Ridiculous! People worked tirelessly for these items. Banning them for noobs and those who fuse theirs away is silly.


these items must be prohibited because they have no current counterpart, such as the hook of 2 shifts and the teleport of 2, at least in pvp, since there are mech that are garbage, 2 miniguns 2200 hp 400 heat, these garbage would not work without those articles, there are many constructions that without them they would easily lose, even though the example I presented is only limited to average players, in top players you also see the clear advantage of having these items inaccessible

Anyone that played before the reloaded rip off had a chance to save these items . If that’s all they got in form of payment for YEARS of hard work then it still isn’t fair compensation. That and they are HEAVY AS F–k. The old modules are USELESS because of their weight . Like I said and will say forever if you can’t beat mechs with the ones you have you aren’t trying hard enough. Every build can be beaten and I see players whine about OP weapons, old weapons, a certain type of mech (heat, physical, or energy) being SO OP . When I take a look at what they have built their machines are generally GARBAGE! Players would rather try to cry their way into the game being easier for THEM , not the community as a whole, than actually put forth any actual effort. If you are EVER satisfied with the mechs you have you will never be a top player so spare me all the crocodile tears. Builds always need to be examined for flaws and a few left over relics won’t sway matches enough to be the difference between being an average player and a good one.

the double-shift hook and the double-shift teleport must be banned, maybe you do not understand the advantage that those rubbish give

I get it . You are either a noob or fused yours away. Either way your argument is pointless .

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I’m not a novice, and even if I had these items I would ask that they be prohibited

Never expected this be actually be discussed on…
It was just for people to see some of the weapons, especially the best sword back then :wink: