Old ideas updated (Ultramythical Body)

i was thinking robots/mechs games almost always have skills activated by the pilot or activated with a gauge
@germankid post it before so i tag him here before people say something about
now lets see the idea

Just torso & legs could be evolved to ultramythical, because weapons use cost would be ridicusless at ultramythical so better we just get some bulk to the body & make battles a little bit longer
enought explanation of the “why” lets get into the “how would it be”

i dont want to make game ridiculess long so no, on ultrmythical u wont have to upgrade again it gonna be an “ultramaxed” state inmediately after evolve

in order to be ultramythical an item need 7 unused mythical items & 500k gold or 100 tokens, also player must be level 75 at least

ok this doesnt sound pretty cheap, but now the dumb relic doesnt sound so ridiculess
lets get into the why it worth the cost & effort

an ultramythical torso would gain
+25% more Hp rounded down
+13 resistance of each kind
+10% more heat & energy cap rounded down
+10% more cooling & regen cap rounded up
+a skill that can be activated when the requirements x it are fullfilled

ultramythical legs would gain
+30% more Hp rounded up
+1 walking/jumping distance more
+25% more dmg rounded down

ok now lets see the specific abilities


Triangle power
if ultra-interceptor gets overheated, drained or its hp its below 50%
it can send a shockwave to the enemy that gonna deal 200-300 physical dmg & -10 physical resistance
2 uses


if ultra-avenger have less than 50% hp its weapons deal always max dmg


New age samurai
after take 4 hits (without drone in count) every ultra-archimond resistance would be doubled & would recover 30% of its hp
2 uses


Triangle Power
if ultra-nightmare gets overheated, drained or its hp its below 50%
it can send a shockwave to the enemy that would deal 200-275 explosive dmg & -10 explosive resistance
2 uses


American life style
ultra-windigo weapons never ran out action points & got +2 res drain when they left 1 use
2 reload turns
this means u can fire again magma blast/bunker shell if u survive after 2 turns, only player turns count wich means its a total of 5 turns before fire again single use weapons
also means 4 uses of face shoker & 3 uses weapons


God mode
when Hp drops to 75% or less its weapons cost would be halved & oponent weapons cost would be doubled till oponent mech die, if its switched then new oponent weapons cost would be the usual but ultra-brutality would keep the cost reduction till gets defeated
in the case of no cost weapons on oponent they get +20 heat generation


@Zarkares i leave it to u, think an ability x ur torso that suits its great style n,n


Triangle Power
If ultra-sith gets overheated, drained or its hp its below 50%
it can send a shockwave to the enemy that would deal 200-275 electric dmg & -10 Electric resistance
2 uses

Grim Reaper

Reaper shadow
if any resistance go to -10 ultra-grim reaper can cut enemy Energy cap by half during 3 action points
if oponent doesnt get killed or switch its cap would comeback to normal
2 uses


Scary Face
enemy weapons would do the minimum dmg always (including drone)
heat dmg/energy drain, regen/cooling, heat cap/energy cap & resistance drain would be the same however
if enemy switches then x new mech same dmg reduction would be applied

Of course they can be a strong adition to the game
& if TS wanna make more money they can also add the posibility to equip to ur mech by 100 tokens other Premium abilities that would be more impressive buying them by more than 300 tokens each
x example
-an ability that recover 75% of mech Hp when u want but consumes 1 action point
-an ability that cut in half enemy hp by 3 action points
etc posibilities are infinite
or even the capacity x 2 abilities unlocked with tokens

obviously abilities wont add weight just gonna add power, strategy & fun (things that game really need)


supermechs --> ultramechs

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Ha! i didnt see that xD
actually im using “ultra” as a reminder of old SM ultramythical box wich have been the best premium box till the moment on my opinion

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soon game will be “premium mechs”

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soon? x,D
have u seen leg-myth items drop rate lately?

very low chance but i cant understand how some players gets lot of premium items?

i have some theories
but x me luck its a weird thing so i just think meh its my usual luck

The idea itself isn’t that bad, but it needs some balance…^^

this is the general idea
i would like community help me to refine it so i post it here n,n