Old ideas updated (items)

When you say “giant robot fight” first things you think are rocket launchers, laser beams & swords, but there r other nice looking weapons that probably can make a difference on a game like this

Arm shields would be placed like a side weapon and would reduce hp damage taken in % & block resistance drain, you can use it 3 times, this only apply to the first hit received, 2nd hit would be normal
for example i can use my first action point to fire then 2nd point to shield myself, oponent first hit would be reduced, this means if i was going to take 2 bunker shell dmgs first one is reduced & i dont take the resistance drain from it, but, i still take the max energy cap & regen reduction & the energy drain from it
no physicals i dont wanna underpower u, just keep reading

Lava shield

epic to mythic
reduces explosive dmg taken by 50%
cost 37 heat
3 uses
48 kg

Nanotech shield

epic to mythic
reduces electric dmg taken by 50%
cost 32 energy
3 uses


legendary to mythic
reduce all type dmg taken by 35%
cost 13 heat and 13 energy
4 uses

a melee weapon that can drain the 50% of the dmg dealt
dont drain resistance dont deal heat or energy dmg but deal hight dmg & cooling/regen dmg

Heart Dissolver

legendary to mythical
250-375 explosive dmg
20 cooling dmg
2 uses
50 heat generation
drain 50% of dmg dealed

Soul Drainer

Legendary to mythical
245-380 electric dmg
20 regen dmg
2 uses
drain 50% dmg dealed
50 energy consumption

legendary to mythical
77-101 explosive dmg
3 resistance drain
71 heat dmg
2 uses
15 energy consumption 35 heat generation

a devastating physical weapon
legendary to mythical
252-550 dmg
22 resistance drain
3-5 range
1 use
16 energy consumption 16 heat generation

Physical drone
epic to mythical
125-145 physical dmg
5 resistance drain
24 heat generation

a canon with a crescent moon, fires energy balls as face shoker
Legendary to Mythical
55 kg weight
5 resistance drain
130-202 electric dmg
95 energy drain
3 uses
2 knockback
2-3 range
31 energy consumption

All those stats are on mythical lv50
those are concept ideas without any art so if u feel inspired help me with a sprite heehee
tell me ur opinion about


Something like this would be nice.Like a physical Bunker Shell


yup thats the idea
im just updating & adding stuff from my old topics to make em relevant

I’d personally max a Ghost. I’d love it to be implemented.

add heat generation to it, and about another 21kg.Otherwise it turns out to be better then heat drones, for a heat build. I mean heat builds will find it more usefull then their heat drones.


heat generation ok
more weight nope or it would be too heavy x physical builds

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