Old account 167 premium boxes

Today i relogin my old account which i never use anymore i got 167 premium boxes out of 5 legendary.

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You mean 5 legendaries out of 167 premium boxes?

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this is sead broh…

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How do you play on browser on phone tho?

out of topic bro…

@W.P.O.T.W http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/sm-link-sm-android-browser/7899?u=max_kill4free

Yeah it’s ridiculous - pay pay pay pay pay. The chests barely drop and you get commons and blues from even nightmare final run.

It’s way too much grinding to increase power of items too, it’s not like they even have a pay alternative to save the time.

I believe they should provide more rare item from mix box only charcoal will make ppl sad toward game. & new guys more into pvp play they dont want to waste time like we do in campaign it would be good if we get one mix box after every match. It will help to upgrade n new guys can stay in game to explore furthest.

More important for me:
There was an option to buy premium boxes with 1.5 mio. SM coins (the old currency) per box which is worth only 150,000 gold coins now.
(Rate SM coins : gold coins = 10 : 1; as you can see in the screenshot, too)

So when will the new players get a chance to buy premium boxes for 150,000 gold coins per box?
Please announce it in advance so that players can stock up on gold coins.

@CloudedSunrise This was just one time courteous call from sm for old account hoarders.

Thanks Max :slight_smile:

Cool thanks this is helpful. That means there’s probably around 3% chance of legendary in premium boxes. Horrible, but good to know.

@W.P.O.T.W i use puffin it has theater mode

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