Ok what is this and WHY

So I made a new account, and I was playing through it. I come across this one enemy, and he was a bot. When I faught him, instead of stomping, he charged at me at the closest range possible without the rocket behind him. (Which I am pretty sure they don’t have at this level) and when I looked… wtf.
13 PM
Picture shows a tank.
Shows a mech. Well this mech really isn’t at all "tank"y. Wow. The mech "rock"ets. Man, hanging out with him was a real “blast.”

The door is to your left.

Btw, it’s just a visual glitch. It’s probably just the tank in a mech sprite.

Are you telling me to leave if I want to do all of my puns xD Come on. It was a “punny” jokes. They were "egg"cilent. They “Crack” me up. Sorry if I made you facepalm :stuck_out_tongue:

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This was a good one. The rest made me facepalm.

It’s fine lol.