Ok we seriously need this to be added on the game


So umm about 5 minutes ago i just had 127 tokens , and i posted a topic of should i get a premium box or should i save for a premium pack , Go check it out on General discussions , So umm , one of people in HERE said i would go for boxes , So i said let’s do it , I bought a box , And this is the SHIT I got image , And i instantly regret about spending my 75 tokens on a premium box , which makes me want to post this post about what if we had a redeem categorie on the shop Which basically gives you the ability to get the latest stuff you bought on the shop , And that stay in your inventory less than 1 hour , For example i bought the prmium box , i’ll go to redeem and get my tokens back , and the box will disappear with it’s items , like i never bought it , Even if i used the item to upgrade something , the progression of the upgrade will dissappear , only the progression of the upgrade when i got after using the item that i bought for upgrading , I would really love to have that in the game , Cuz many people in this game , Make instant regrets after they buy something , AND i bet that they wish if there was like something that gives them what they lost BACK , If 1 hour passes after having the item , you can’t redeem it , I mean the BOX , LOL


it sounds good, but the problem i that you can force it to give you the item tha yout want




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This type of feature makes no sense from a developer’s standpoint. You’re essentially devaluing every item in the game with the ability to “reroll” the boxes/packs that you spend Tokens on. Premium Boxes/Packs are random. You are choosing to take a chance at receiving either an item you need/want or what you may consider “junk”.

That’s how every loot box system that you pay for works. You can use your Tokens for other things with no randomness involved (Premium Membership, Refueling, etc…), but when you choose to do the “random thing” with them and don’t like the outcome, it is your fault.



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i say tha becasue i dont wanna to say:
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