Ok, this mech is perfect :')


I prefer what I have at this time because it specializes in fighting against physical heat and a little energy but still thanks… :slight_smile:


Maybe another heat engine instead of the booster?
Also,how about utilities?
Or maybe giving up on energy (as your build is semi energy-free and had good mobility) and putting another plate on it :thinking:
You might not need full utilities but at least a hook.


The reinforcement serves for the physical mech and with 2 coolers it would have a bestial cooling so it could fight against heat and physical types


Well friends now it shows a big difference from this
To this annihilating beast


but you forgot about the drone…:slightly_smiling_face:


And the charger.


I was weeks like crazy improving the mech that I will improve it clandestinely


Oof. I need both nightfall and mighty protect. :frowning:


Spanish woo.
Raise from the dead