Ok, this mech is perfect :')




I do not have a charge


Don’t worry, it’s not hard to get. :)


You know what it is to spend 1,000 tokens and not have anything

I’m going to save again the 1,000 tokens aver that I get and I get a charge


If you have grapling hook and turbo changer and teleport…
Then use 2 ahnilation…
Like @kingblinks did


That’s a great video! good editing, good music and great content.

Wish I could say well done to Kig Blinc


The Avenger Fortress build?
At the start of reloaded,this was one of the top builds that used to shred everything.
Right now,while it’s still okay,it’s very easily counterable and kinda inefficient.


That was perfect! I wish if i had it…(oh wait fuq my sec acc is gone.)
My brother has it btw @Ghost


My Zarkares Enforcer build is a little bit higher than Avenger Fortress.
Try other builds,make this one as a substitute after you already have 2 better builds.


Jesus i said i will know everything if my sec acc is back…

This is the secc time i lost my acc.If i lose it again im hiring a hitman to kill facebook


You should contact Sarah.
Please do,I also lost an account due to…nothing.


Allredy did…she did not respond.
I also made an 3rd acc…
That probably made my acc gone.
I also think my sec acc will be back…
Just because of facebook update…



I…don’t know man…
If I could help you with that,trust me,I would,but I have no experience with stuff like that.
@KilliN might be able to help you.


Just pls ffs call everyone. Do you see how am im pissed?

That’s why i made a meme picture lol


Ok modify mark 2 and well what do you think @L4K3 @SeanChoi1870 @KilliN @PyroBlitz

Maximum level statistics:

Heat and cooling: 401/282
Energy and Regeneration 193/64


Add another cooling booster. You’ll have pretty beastly cooling for those magma/heater builds. Weak to energies (but who isn’t) so it’s fine. I quite like how this builds coming out.


If you’re right … even though it’s only specialized in critical damage then I do a mech for the energy types :slight_smile:



Seanchoi1870 won’t be here for a while…

Why’d you take him?


Because I went with him to do a physical mech and he wanted me to see my new mech :slight_smile: