Ok, this mech is perfect :')


After a long time trying to make a physical mech I did this what do you think?

If I know it is not intimidating but this mythical mech would be very good

Maximum level statistics:

Hp: 1,888
Heat and Cooling Cap: 479/259
Energy and Regeneration Cover: 282/106


falta verlo terminado, pero por lo general terminando la shop con daño físico es un buen mech para rematar cualquier cosita se ponga en tu camino.


I’d say remove one of the Ani’s for another NF. I myself am switching over to dual NF/Ani/NE over dual ani’s/NF/NE.

(you could also run dual NF’s/ANI and put the extra weight into another engine instead of a booster.


The mech is to fight against the heat and physical mech energy so that’s why it has 2 annihilators and the physical protector is to fight more easily against the physicists (But still thanks :smiley: )


Dual Ani’s would help. But with high heat, you can run Dual NFs and deal more dmg (Ani’s RNG is only good beyond -30 res for me). Hence why dual NF’s will dish out higher DMG off the bet. Plus the added range.

And if you’re manually CDing, you’ll be fine. But no problem!


I would say that my 2 mech is a support mech since the first mech I want to integrate the abomination as he told me @Misfit to make some improvements so that I can fight in higher ranks and meanwhile with the first mech I would say it is provicional then I will change a few things if necessary although I still accept the opinions of others


That could be better if 1 annihilation was replaced with mercy


Hahahahahaha Mercy? seriously if I had that weapon I would not do a mech like that would be much better xD

That reminds me that I need is gun :'v


Fixed that for you


Why does it say “TALLER” on the top?


Workshop in spanish :slight_smile:


Our mech are identical!


51 AM





You can take off the epic phy resist until your got a mighty protecter(change to an engine engine)


Was just a example for him, i will never use it while i have dual nightfall + mercy


I use nighteagle to replace a nightfall because it will stuck at 5-6 range


Charge and hook bro, i’ve never lost a battle because of range…


Do you use charged the mech?