Ok Supermechs team, there we go

First of all sorry for my shit english because i’m brazilian.

Before the update i has two accounts, an acc that i spend over 1000 its a worth of R$4000,00 For brazilians like me and i spent all this money with Tokens and other bullshit stuff, and a F2P account that i never spent a cent on this, BUT, the F2P account got 460 Million Credits from an update bug.

Conclusion: After update my F2P account is 300 times better than my P2P account because of this shitty sale, good job Team you just make me throw all my money in the trash.

Since the fucking start i see silly and idiothic ideas from those “developers” like inviting cheaters to testers team, telling us that “8000 x 5 = 400 million”, “acidentally” removing colour kits and now this fucking scam? What fuckig kind of joke is that?


B-but it is against the rules to have alt accounts!

Yeah, this update f**ked up the game even more from all sides

I agree, even if its unfair I do believe that p2p should at least have some perks considering i spent alot. But now the average f2p can have a one sided battle against p2ps

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The account was my brother’s, he stopped playing like 2 days after creating acc because got game as a pile of shit. (he was totally right)

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Update Hit top players very badly
It helped upper-mediocre to get close to top player

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