Ok one last time


How’s this / rate it out of 10


Can i see the modules?


3 cooling mass boosters
2 heat engines
1 heat mass booster
1 maximum protector
1 epic plate




Way too much focus on heat/cooling. I’d recommend either windigo/zarks with two engines/one booster. Rest in HP/energy engines if able. Your weapon set up could also include a desolation and remove the sorrow for something else (if you can).


Btw, what’s up with 3 terror blades?


I got them while opening boxes worth 30k tokens


Can u tell me the average cooling and heat I need




It’s usually different, but I tend to run either 490 Heat/259 cooling or 401 heat/280 cooling. Let’s just say at top ranks as a heat mech, you’ll want higher heat to deal with magmas/well made heaters. (these numbers are with zarkares, apologies, thought I should clarify).

If you can, also try and fit at least two engines, since SC requires it. Add a deso where able (lovely item to pair with SC btw).


As my exams finished I got 300$, as my pocket money and I chose to spend 250$, form it to this game


Such a waste bruh…


My money
My choice where I want to spend it


I just shared my opinion…


true,and he got some nice items there


Thx thou bro for tips


Forgot to mention I have all the torsos at max myth accept brutality I


Use zark then, its the best torso for heat mechs(or pretty much any mech…)


All…do show…


I am too lazy to post screenshots again and again