Ok im having the worst day ever


ok so i was gonna play Supermechs… but it logged me out and i forgot my password… Welp i have to restart EVERYTHING i tried to change my password it did not work… Please help


What was your password? How long is it? What do you remember what’s left on your password? Is the password a reference to something? Answer all that and you’ll remember.


Question, Are you a legacy… Wait nevermind, well… Rip But you can recover your account, Ask @Sarah247


I am a legacy player, then turned into a Reloaded player.

Also @0ld_Supermechs_User that is a good idea! Ask @Sarah247 to recover it.


and when you recover your account, don’t forget to save your most valuable legacy items!
like shields, double use items, i kg teleporter…:grinning:


i got it right but it still did not let me in


I actually I’m excited to restart


Hmm, Well… It’s you’re choice and not mines, If you do restart I wish you the best of luck!


thank you
the luck is needed


You are worst than me…

I lost my frist one because of facebook.

I still wish that i can give virus to them loloololol


That’s nothing, I lost over 16 accs, 4 of them which were Rank 1, mythical accs with medals. The current account I’m using just used to be a “Gift Code Acc”.


Wow…I feel sorry for you.


F*ck, why did I talk about it now I’m sad again :frowning:


i was on rank 2 before the relode


thank god i have 9 acoounts and never lost any of them