Oh PORTAL please Come On!

I am very eagerly waiting for the portal to be released. Cuz, I need 30 legendaries. I have 6 maxed legendary items to be transformed into mythical. So, I am really hoping that they will release the portal soon. It’s been a long time. Please, Tactisoft release the portal.
I would be very grateful if the portal is released today. Please, respond to my request @Sarah247

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We have a gold portal scheduled for today. The item portal depending on if the bugs are ironed out. Will likely be out on Thursday.

So please have patience and wait til then for their topic or the actual portal to appear. :slight_smile:

(whoever doesn’t know of GP’s on monday this yo warning).

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Thanks, Transcendent. But, how did you know that the gold portal us scheduled today?

Mohadib/Sarah have mentioned previously (many times) that Gold portals will ‘almost’ always be on Mondays.

They’ve also spoken of Item Portals typically being activated on Thursdays.

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I didn’t really know about that. Anyways, Thanks.

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Everyone wants a item portal so who knows,they may add it today,and in that way they can win some respect from their comunity

Nah they are ts

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I’ve been holding back on making legendaries for a while now just so I could use the myth food from the portals to upgrade… and it’s forcing me to stay in one place since I’m not progressing. I hope it comes soon.


Same as like me. You and me are stuck in the same situation.

God i am not ready for tommorow.

I will try best as i can.