Oh... My... God... Is this Fate?


Please tell me this is lucky…
Its been one of the best drops I got in a while…


mission? Fortune box?


I have 3 UltraHot Protectors…now that is lucky


Kn0Tn0YT, grats! :+1:


3 Premium Boxes.
When I opened the first 2, they were ok heat and energy drones.
First one was Clash and other was… Torment I think?
Then on the thid box I got a legendary. I thought it was a Kraken.
Apparently I am wrong.


why premium box and not packs?


Cuz I didn’t have enough for one ._.



I don’t even need it so you deserve it.


I deleted one of those and I was left with just one


Anyone that gets anything deserves it.


Probably the best item in the game right now. If you run an anti-phys mech then upgrade and use. Will make you very hard for phys to best you.

Nice opening!

P.S. I spent $100 to get one of those :confounded:


its not Fate its Grand order




(now at least i see one…)



You’ll love it to death!

I recently got my 2nd one xD


You got your second what?

Wtf since when did you have 2 of these


You can use this in any type of build.
I frequently watch top player replays and most of them only equip this Mighty Protector.


anyone of you guys ever thought you got a legendary and you were happy but it was really a legendary power kit well today i open a premium pack and got 5 (The depression is real)


If there isnt a screenshot, it didnt happen
I dont believe you, and no one will unless you give evidence- if it really did happen, the odds are astronomical


Im not talking to you- Im talking to the guy who claims he got 5 legendary power kits in a premium pack