Oh my freakin' god

OH… MY… GOD!!!

Just kidding.
So, what should I do with it? I have a pretty good physical build, but I don’t have enough spare weight. In fact, I don’t really have much of a use for it.
What do you guys think?

Also, I got it in a Fortune Box.


give us some screenshots

Screenshots of what?

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your builds

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I neglected my heat and energy for a while, but I’m starting to work on my heat.
Here ya go:

I’m hoping to replace all the dual heat modules with heat engines.

ya you need a lot of modules

Tip : when you get modules don’t fuse them even you don’t need them because you will need them after

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I know I need more modules but the problem is I’m very tight in terms of weight.

what’s your actual rank ??

Transfer your HB to your heat mech and replace your iron boots with claw. Then replace your heat legs with iron boots

Congrat bro, Claw is always a good leg until you have several plat plat. Make a phys build with claw and your rusty amor. Elec build may work if your weapons can cover all range


@Bahaeddine_Jaaouani What rank do you mean?

Because you have an iron plating that is really heavy, you can remove that and put on the claw. Your claw will have way more HP anyway compared to just an iron plating, and ultimately have more HP than your legs and iron plating combined. I recommend mything your claw before putting it on your mech though. And lots more specials that move you around other than just a single grappling hook. And try replacing your ultrabright and heat bomb with nightfalls, because this will really bring your ranks up. Mechs that use all three elements don’t do so well. It may take a while, but trust me, it is worth it. As with the spare weapons, you can put them on your other mechs.

If you do it well, you can get an awesome mech like this. You might want to replace the interceptor torso with another torso though, because there are many torsos better than that.

Phew, that’s a really long reply for me.

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nice drop :o

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Yeah, I know. I used to have a teleporter on it but had to forgo it for weight for something. I wish I had one of those 1kg teleporters…

It was in a Fortune Box

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But someone told me they don’t exist anymore. They weigh 20kg now.

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What?? That’s more than the regular one !

I think the person who told me that just liked my post. I think it was him.

Im choking on my own blood right now

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@TheWindWeaver Is that even possible ??