Oh look! A portal with decent Legend Drop rate!

Let’s see here! How many Legends did you people get?
I got four and two are useless… The other two are useable


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not for everyone
nope nope

Well thank you for showing my useless legends But how did I get four in 2 refills? :thinking:

last portal i got 2 mercys from 6 refills


6 runs no boxes

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11 runs without boxes
do something ts we deserve a fair drop rate for everyone


Bad RNG my guy.

I’m getting no boxes either, and definitely no legends


There’s something like that, Can’t tell from Other portals apart from this one and Unicorn

Guys, this is typical. Sometimes the first day can be the worst farming wise.

Just continue to farm! you’ll get items.

took me like 50+ runs before I got legs/decent shit

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anyone can confirm leggies do drop in hard ?


Read the other thread, a lot of the legendaries pulled have been from hard. Normal/Insane are typically the worst leg/cost wise.


It can drop, Too hard on insane so I farmed on Hard .-.

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did you get any good things via farmng in hard before ?

From past portals? Nope, Apart from Unicorn since I got some fairly decent stuff from Unicorn so Unicorn and This portal are the only portal that gave me Legend Items .-.

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I shall see later…

Around 30 runs at medium. zero legendary. 1 epic new hammer.

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I was stoked because I got 2 legs in the first run and thought I was gonna pull a decent amount but those were it so far and 300 tokens worth of hard difficulty runs later…,although I’ve gotten about 100 epics