Offline Campaign?

I don’t know if this subject is already made but how about make a Offline campaign mode in Mobile and make a Downloadable version for PC?


they already have offline campaign in old version
but now they remove it but it still works if you stay online and go to “new player” they turn off the network

A similiar idea cropped up quite a few times around the time I joined (around 8-9 months ago, give or take).

It was easy to abuse and exploit. Not many really liked the idea of it either. So I doubt this would happen. Even though it’d be nice for those with bad connections or no wifi (at that current moment).

That could open SM to modding which would be a god send however I don’t trust Tacticsoft to not lose their minds about their copyright if they were to make a single player only desktop version of SM, like some certain publishers out there… cough cough Take2/Rockstar cough cough