Offline campaign mode

how about an offline campaign mode, people; with wins giving you more money instead of money + xp

They had that… and it was awfulyv exploited by some “papper” top players that apeared overnight.
Because it allowed cheatengine to reset the rewards and stages endesly.


I know and it’s destoy the game…How can a player go TOP overnight (Nobody knows him before) i mean it’s just to wierd

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How you would even login offline?

Lol, the same point I made on the same suggestion on the old forums. :wink:

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did anything happen back then? i mean did they take any steps towards that idea.
as far as logging offline is concerned,i am not an expert on programming; but again , what does then ‘youtube offline’ means

No, I was referring to Killin’s post. You can’t have an “offline campaign” because you can’t “login” if you are offline. :slight_smile:

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